Talent is Only Potential

June 14, 2016

Do you think you're talented?

What are you doing with your talent?

The majority of people never muster the courage to explore their talents.  Talents don't blossom on their own.  To some extent, even the tiniest bit of attention to it can help the talent mature.

If you want to see where your talent may take you, or what it takes to develop your full expression of talent, make a plan to address it every day.

You can spend a lifetime wondering, or you can find out by making a plan and walking through the plan. Talent isn't only singing or dancing or composing. 

Some talents are in being a good listener and communicator. Some talents are in making people feel welcome and comfortable in unfamiliar settings.  Some talents are in having extraordinary faith in challenging situations. And some talents are in the creative arts.

A buddy is helpful, someone you trust and can confide in who will have your back.

Remember, your talent is a whisper from the Creator about your true calling.

Listen carefully!